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Trapped in a deserted castle, all you can rely on are your bow, grappling hook, and your wits.


  • Non-linear level design and systems-based puzzle design, with multiple ways to proceed
  • Focus on level verticality and player mobility
  • Versatile grappling hook design, interesting arrow application, and the synergy between them
  • Satisfying shortcuts with backtracking in a good sense
  • Over 20 notes to collect and storytelling (WIP)


Walkthrough Video


Archer Project-05142020-1.0-win64.zip 326 MB


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woah such a great game! I think I cheesed the "final" message a bit but really great job


very fun game. the music is a bit dramatic though lol

Very nice. Is 105% a full complete? Do you plan on extending the scope of this game?

A full completion is 107%, you can refer to the walkthrough video posted on the game page. Right now I don't have a clear plan for this project since I've got a full-time job in the insdustry, but if the time has come, I would gladly turn this into a full length experience with combat system and better looking.

Thanks for playing : )

Nice looking game !
I just want to report that sadly I couldn't go very far due to a bug... The yellow lines do not work !
When I go forward and jump on them, I cannot "grab" them, even if the hand icon flashes quickly.
There is a screenshot :
I am using Windows 10 64bits with an AZERTY keyboard for which I switched the layout to QWERTY using the ALT+SHIFT Windows shortcut

Sorry to hear that you are stuck - if you can JUMP and MOVE, theoretically, you can climb - press W and JUMP at the same time towards the yellow ledge, and then hold SPACEBAR to climb. I suppose you didn't hold it when you were trying to climb?

Anyway, thanks for reporting! I don't know much about AZERTY keyboard though, let's hope it has nothing to do with hardware XD

I did hold SPACEBAR sadly :(
I just tried again to be sure.
Also, good job on the music, I really like it !

So sad... If you still want to experience it, I would recommend you press H to unlock all abilities so that you can double jump that ledge, and also it grants you dash by pressing Z.

Actually the music is taken from Octopath Traveler, if you are interested in JRPGs, give it a try! (fun fact: as a pixelated "2D" JRPG, it was made by UE4)


Hey, cool game! I heard about it through the NYU Game Center showcase that happened today. I enjoyed playing it enough that I decided to do a little speedrun of it too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsytLOhw1A8

Congrats on graduating! :)

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That's pretty impressive! You've showed some ways that I didn't expect player to do but that's totally cool!

As you have figured it out, pressing R to reload/LShift to sprint are both debug functions that should have been disabled; you can also try pressing H to unlock all abilities at anytime (of course, it's a debug function as well - and it even gives you dash by pressing Z)

Anyway, thanks for your awesome speedrun!